WHAT is the Canadian Animal Assistance Team (CAAT)?

Team Ucluelet 2010

The Canadian Animal Assistance Team (CAAT) is a registered Canadian animal charity organization.   There are many communities in Canada and internationally that simply do not have access to veterinary services, either due to location (remote communities) or financial or both.   Our goal is to bring much needed veterinary care right to the animals in need.

Re-homing animals out of communities, which is necessary when there is no population control, is a never ending cycle.  Our goal is to reduce the flow of animals needing new homes by providing spay/neuter and vaccine services right in the community.


Our team consists of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, assistants and educators that volunteer their time and expertise to set up and run our Animal Health Care Clinics.   Our temporary clinics are set up right in the community which allows all animals access to the care they need.  Our team members travel to the community, set up the temporary “MASH” style hospital, and provide the services needed.

We also provide a humane education program to help children gain a better understanding of how to make a difference.

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